Articoli diritto amministrativo
Novità diritto civile amminsitrativo
  • Green light for the request of a Post office employee to access the work management documents

    in Il Sole 24 Ore – Guida al Diritto, n. 43 del 31.10.2009, 66

  • Compensation with ‘guaranteed result’ for damage caused by impairing the legal position

    in Giurisprudenza di Merito, Giuffrè, 9/2008, 2359

  • The time limit for requesting special pensions starts from the first symptoms of the disease

    in Il Sole 24 Ore – Guida al Diritto, n. 34 of 30.8.2008, 105

  • Disqualification of the highest offices in Government departments is also subject to judicial review by the administrative court

    in Giurisprudenza di Merito, Giuffrè, 5/2008, 1437

  • Historic-artistic pre-emption stands if the asset is subject to direct sale

    in Il Sole 24 Ore – Guida al Diritto, n. 15 of 12.4.2008, 100

  • Compensation for delayed restitution of property under art.1591 c.c.

    in La Responsabilità Civile, Utet, 4/2008, 336

  • Implied formation and cancellation of agreement under the lens of the administrative courts

    in Il Sole 24 Ore – Guida al Diritto, n. 11 of 15.3.2008, 94

  • Public leasing in the 2007 Finance Act

    in Giurisprudenza di Merito, 10/2007, Giuffrè, 2517

  • The immovable property law and the request to register the violation of the legal distance between buildings

    in Studium Iuris, 7-8/2007, Cedam, 803

  • The new provisions on the restrictions of enforcement proceedings and the suspension thereof, part two

    in La Nuova Giur. Civ. Comm., 6/ 2007, Cedam, II, 269


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