Our Law Firm


From the onset we have made innovation a key focal point in our workplace, a pivot of pragmatic and time sensitive professional solutions.

The feedback received from our constant interaction with a varied clientele allows us to branch out within the different subdivisions of civil law and commercial law. Our expertise extends both to contract matters and litigations, including bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy law, which coupled to our know-how gained from dealing with multinational corporations, enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services throughout Italy and also abroad in support of our clients.

We have specialized in administrative law by making our services available to all corporate formats from medium to large companies which deal on a daily basis and on multiple levels with the public sector. In this respect, we are proud to have established over the past two years a solid partnership with the Rucellai & Raffaelli Law firm in Milan, leading to Mr. Antonio Pavan's nomination as its Administrative Law Counsel.

Our objective is aimed at increasing our expertise in order to guarantee through highly qualified professional collaboration a complex and thorough analysis of any legal issues and therefore a quick and satisfactory solution for our clients.



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